Artist Submission Requirements

Mission Statement:

The Penticton Art Gallery exists to exhibit, interpret, preserve and promote the visual artistic heritage of the region, the province and the nation.

Your submission package should include the following:

  1. Digital images of your most recent work. All images should be clearly labeled with the artist’s name, title of work, medium, the year the work was produced and a red dot in the lower right hand corner designating the direction of the image. A complete list of all works should be included.

  2. A short biography and curriculum vitae is required. This should include all pertinent information regarding the artist’s exhibition history, articles or catalogues, artist’s involvement and education as well as a current address and phone number.

  3. An artist statement (statement of intent) must accompany the application.

  4. All materials should be clearly marked and labeled. Please include a self-addressed return envelope and postage.

  5. Submissions should be sent to the attention of the curator.

Exhibitions are selected by the curator based on the following criteria:

  1. Professional Intent

  2. Quality

  3. Educational value

  4. Type of work

  5. Availability of space

The Penticton Art Gallery strives to provide the public with a balanced program of local, regional, traditional and contemporary art. The gallery is booked an average of eighteen (18) months in advance. Submissions may be received at any time, however, the selection process may take well over a year.

It is not our mandate to sell works of art during an exhibition, however, the Penticton Art Gallery will take a 30% commission on any works which are sold during an exhibition.

Thank you for your interest in the Penticton Art Gallery.