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stəɬtaɬtət: Annual En'owkin Centre Exhibition

In the Bench 1775 Gallery

…the land does not belong to us we belong to the land

12,000+ years of Land Memory and Reflections on Climate Change

an En’owkin Centre Art Exhibition


tiɬ - absolute straightness (no bend or curve) which in math is a truth (geometry) the one true distance between two points- which is an exact straight line.   tɬtaɬt is translated as “truthful”  though its literal meaning is  “Very Straight or only Straight” so absolute straight-  no crookedness in any way involved. 

So stɬtalt – the s makes it into a thing – so its literal meaning is - that which one has an absolute truth of right to do – an absolute right.  So it is commonly translated as “Rights” and stɬtaɬtət is usually translated as “Our Rights” the tət on the end is a possessive expressing “ours.”

Exhibition Opening

Friday January 25th, 2019 ~ 7:00 - 9:00pm
Featuring the En’owkin Performance Students

Exhibition closes Sunday March 17th, 2019 4pm

 En’owkin Artist Talks/Performance Night
Friday March 8th, 2019 ~ 7:00 - 9:00pm

This year`s exhibition features the following Artists from the Traditional and Contemporary National Aboriginal Professional Artist Training (NAPAT) and N'syilxcen (Okanagan Language) NSYL Crafts Course

1st yr NAPAT: Satyn Casmir-Eneas, Charlotte Francois, Winona Hencheroff, Autumn Kruger, Brian Paul, Westin Raymond | 2nd yr NAPAT/Enowkin Students: Roslyn Hall-Jackson, Laurent Isadore, Colleen Lalonde, Savannah Louis, Sophia Phillip, Brenda Powder | Performance NAPAT 1st/2nd Year

Laurent Isadore, Arlen Kaiswatum, Madeline Terbasket, Raven Wood | Enowkin Invited Artists: Joe Fedderson, Shawn Brigman | Youth Works: Janine Lott, Petulla Pettman | Faculty/Staff/Community: Billie Marchand Kruger, Forrest Funmaker, Cori Derickson, Dr. Michelle Jack, Tracey Kim Bonneau, Ann Doyon, Tori Baptiste, PIB Natural Resources

The En’owkin Centre was established as the Okanagan Indian Curriculum Project in 1972, and in 1983 was incorporated as a non-profit society under the name of the Okanagan Indian Education Resources Society. En’owkin Centre acquired Theytus Books, a limited company in 1985, for the Purposes of Publishing Indigenous Materials in Authentic Indigenous Voice, and as a complement to the En’owkin Centre International School of Writing.

 The En'owkin Centre became a recognized Cultural Centre in 1988, and became accredited as a Private Career Training Institution for the implementation of its Post-Secondary Mandate in 2005. It undertook as well to partner with the University of Victoria, the University of British Columbia Okanagan, the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology, and Okanagan College, for delivery of publicly recognized and accredited training.

 The Centre has been active at the local, national, and international levels in the preservation and revitalization of Okanagan Language and Culture, and Broader Indigenous Cultural preservation and revitalization for more than 40 years.

 The En'owkin Centre continues to thrive as a dynamic cultural, educational, ecological and creative arts institution, which puts into practice the principles of self-determination and the validation of cultural aspirations and identity. The En'owkin Centre provides a culturally sensitive learning environment in a nurturing and challenging atmosphere.

 En'owkin Centre is a leader in the development and implementation of Indigenous knowledge and systems, at the community, national and international levels. The word ‘en'owkin’ is an Okanagan concept, which describes a respectful dialogue for clarification, conflict resolution, and group commitment, to come to the best solutions; essentially, consensus.

 This exhibition is part of an ongoing series of annual exhibitions, which explores and celebrates the incredible culture and diversity embodied by the En’Owkin and its inspired faculty. A special debt of thanks is due to all the participating artists for their trust, belief and support; and to Dr. Michelle Jack, Dr. Gregory Younging, Lauren Terbasket, Tracey Kim Bonneau, Richard Armstrong, Corinne Derickson and Dr. Jeannette Armstrong for their continued and ongoing support in building this important cultural bridge between our two communities.