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Meghan Hildebrand | Restless Fables

I came across Meghan Hildebrand’s artwork through social media. I don’t know how I never knew about her while living in Victoria during my university years, and the trips to Powell River to see my family. Since discovering her works, researching her works, and making trips to Powell River to physically see her works in person, I have found myself borderline obsessed.

I hope most of you have had an experience with an artist and are drawn to every single one of their works. Something within their work connects with you on multiple levels and you could look at these works for hours on end. Meghan Hildebrand is that case for me. I am beyond excited for this to be my first solo curated show from start to finish at the Penticton Art Gallery and I am honoured to have Meghan’s work featured.

Meghan was born and raised in Whitehorse, Yukon. After being raised in an artistic family and having her mother’s artist studio to create, she set off to Nelson, in her mother’s footsteps, to attend art school. In the midst of her time in Nelson, Meghan went to study for a year at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax. She returned afterwards and graduated from the Mixed Media program at the Kootenay School of the Arts and already had a following of admirers. With a lengthy exhibition list, Meghan’s work can also be recognized by BC festival goers, with a continuous commission with Shambhala Music Festival, Nelson Wine Festival and others. She resides in Powell River where she works as a full-time artist, showing in galleries in Powell River, Victoria, Calgary, Winnipeg and Toronto.

Hildebrand’s work is a combination of abstraction and figural. Her works depict worlds with layers of symbolic imagery, dreamlike playfulness, and whimsical colours. This series stands out from most of her other work as she has decided to ”zoom out” from her usual style, work with negative space and create these “worlds” or landscapes on a shape similar to a mask or face.  This renders the works to look like planets, small ecosystems in themselves with nature and mankind together. Environmental ties are strong throughout her works, still they leave the viewer to determine what the message, or narrative is. Meghan’s works have a strong storytelling aspect to them which doesn’t come as a surprise with her exposure to First Nations culture in the Yukon. Her works are participatory with the viewer and leave the narrative open-ended to the viewer which addsmore layers of curiosity and complexity.

Meghan has created a distinct voice through her practice. Her use of colour and composition resonate with her audience. Restless Fables will keep you thinking and coming back for more to escape into these dreamlike works.    

-Brooke Nyhus, Assistant Curator

We are thrilled to exhibit her works here in Penticton. Please check out her website for more works.