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38th Annual Auction Preview

This year’s auction is truly going to be one for the history books with items up for offer that are of national importance. Items are still being collected weekly and they will be added to the exhibition display leading up to the full auction preview and exhibition which will be hung and on display in the gallery by Thursday June 18th. 

As of this printing, the impressive list of artists includes: Kenojuak Ashevak, Emily Carr, Stephan Chmilnitzky, Ken Danby (3 works), Larry Donaldson, Jamie Evrard, Graham Gillmore, Bev Gordon, Elmar Koppel (2 works), Brent Laycock, Janet Middleton, Frank Molnar, Philip Pearlstein, Joseph Plaskett, John Revill (2 works), Walter Saks, Eliyakota Samualie and Arthur Twidle.

We are still looking for and accepting donations of artworks, services, experiences and anything else you may have to offer and I ask that you please contact the gallery to discuss any ideas you may have to offer.  More info on the event will be posted as things are confirmed.

One of the extremely rare and unique items up for offer this year is a hand signed copy of Emily Carr’s Governor General's Award winning first novel Klee Wyck with a touching dedication to her dear friend Madge (Wolfenden) Hamilton, daughter of Colonel Richard Wolfenden a member of the Royal Engineers sent to the Colony of British Columbia in 1858 to build public works. He remained in B.C. and in October 1863 he became the first Queen's Printer for British Columbia. His youngest daughter Madge Hamilton, to whom this book was dedicated, worked as the Assistant BC Provincial Archivist from 1934-53. This version was abridged by 2,300 words for the 1951 Clarke, Irwin & Company edition. Removed were several passages critical of the actions of European missionaries, as well as a story about a mixed race family. This version was the basis for all publications of the book until Douglas & McIntyre's 2004 edition restored the text. The original edition also featured four colour plates of Carr's paintings, including a portrait of Sophie Frank. 

This lot also comes with the original printing block for the cover of the first edition published in Toronto by Oxford University Press in 1941.