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Yvonne Morrish | Drawing on the Imagination

Yvonne Morrish was born in Penticton and has been a lifetime resident of the Okanagan Valley, residing in Kelowna since 1973. Her interest in the visual arts took root early in life often serving as a distraction and escape from school work and as she grew older she put aside the pens and brushes in favor of pursuing her academic studies. In the intervening years Yvonne found a career, got married and raised a family and it was through travel that she gained her greatest appreciation and love for the Okanagan and its landscape.

Her passion for art was rekindled late in life at a time when most folks consider retirement. Yvonne decided to revisit he childhood passion for drawing, registering herself into a drawing course at Okanagan College. This tentative first step opened a floodgate and a passion that had laid dormant for the majority of her life and her output and growth since has been unstoppable.

Once the door was opened, Yvonne sought out and attended as many workshops as was possible, meeting and befriending many well-known artists, with each leaving their unique imprint on the development of her work. While many are content to work in one media, Yvonne thrives on experimenting with a wide range of media and techniques. She considers the work of the influential Russian painter and art theorist Wassily Kandinsky as a great source of inspiration and in his work I can see where she found her love for colour. But it’s in the surrealists belief and practice of automatism where I find the greatest connection.

In consideration of this Yvonne writes “Artists by nature choose freedom in life, simply by having chosen an art career. Art is the journey of a free soul. Whatever puts a constraint, kills art. I make

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my compositions but I never feel obliged to follow them completely. There must be room for the muse while the artist is at work. The best part is ending up with a creation that was not intended. Surprises are the joy of living and directly touch the soul. Good surprises energize and bad surprises teach.”

Yvonne also understands the value of building and supporting of artists and was instrumental in forming the Painters Studio in Kelowna along with the Kelowna chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists. She also wrote a highly popular art column which ran for several years in the Kelowna Daily Courier.

Yvonne has also been recognized by her peers with the awarding of a lifetime membership to Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour, and is highly regarded by the membership of the Federation of Canadian artists winning numerous awards over the years for works selected into their annual juried exhibitions. She is also a member of the Society of Canadian Artists, Calgary, Alberta.

“I find art is an ongoing journey of discovery. As an artist it gives me great pleasure to develop and improve my skills and to push myself into new areas of self-expression. I find myself on the brink of excitement as I explore the source of my inspiration. The versatility of watercolour and the bright staying power of acrylics are challenges to my creativity and my love of experimentation.”