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Robin Edgar Haworth | Spirit in the Land

My art really began in grade eight with encouraging words and praise from my art teacher; Mr. Nichol. It was not the style of today’s art; I used different tools with different mediums. It was simple enough to see form develop through hands and eye. Drawing was always my favourite, maybe because I could take it with me. Dragons, castles and eagles among the trees seemed a common theme then. Fifteen years later I find myself in the big smoke back east, Toronto. After a lifetime of doodling and dabbling I settled fulltime into my craft with the encouragement of my wife and biggest fan, my newborn daughter. Over the past years my drawings finally evolved to one style which would categorize as West Coast design – Native/Aboriginal.

I trace my lineage to the Tsimshian people from southeast Alaska and Northwestern British Columbia, Skeena River Country. My Wilp or house is Lac Gyboo of the Wolf Clan. Members of my family spread east up the Skeena Valley to Hazelton and Kispiox and northwest to Ketchican Alaska. There are many places to view and feel the energy of the poles, masks and paintings that are abundant with the many artists that call this place home. My village up the Kispiox is renowned for the poles standing by the river.

Where the loggers have not left their scars, the land from ocean to mountain is home to the finned, feathered and furred. The mythical creatures lie under green wave of the inlet or deep in hidden valley. These are scenes that breathe through the art as ink is spread on paper. Form flows from ovoid, continuous and connected until the elements converge and reveal the one. My images are all surrounded by a double-hatched background within an oval, symbolic womb of the Mother. The corners contain a circle surrounding the medicine wheel. I put a small split “v” negative at the top of most ovoids, I do so with apologies to the purists, but I like it. Except for the straight lines and circles, everything else starts free hand in pencil and finished with two coats of ink applied on a 140# cotton hot press paper. Every piece is one of a kind and no prints will be made. I’ve had public showings in Toronto, Victoria, Salt Spring Island and Prince George.

After twelve years in Toronto, the city was starting to lose some of its shine and glamour so I have returned to the valleys and mountains of the west. When not occupied by my art I can probably be seen with my faithful friend Koda walking or riding the back roads and trails of Turtle Island north, or floating on the waters that surround.

Look not out to the heavens above but rather into thy heart and we will find for what we search.

 ~ Meguetch, Robin Edgar Haworth, Penticton, B.C. August 2012