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In Safe Keeping | Recent Donations to the Permanent Collection

This survey is the first of two concurrent exhibitions which will highlight a number of recent donations to the Permanent Collection. The collection continues to grow and the past number of years has seen the Penticton Art Gallery become the beneficiary of many significant donations. These donations include works by regional, national and internationally known and exhibited artists and illustrate the evolution and development of the visual arts here in Canada and internationally over the past century.

Works in the Permanent Collection can’t be sold but are held by the Penticton Art Gallery in trust for the citizens of Penticton today and the generations which will follow. Some of the individual works provide a starting point to build a representative collection by a specific artist, provide additional context to our existing holdings or serve to fill in the gaps and create a more complete picture of what was going on in a particular time period. Other donations come as a collection which can provide two interesting perspectives: the first being a collection of work by an individual artist featuring either a singular body of work, or they may be representative of the artist’s career providing insight to a variety of phases along their artistic journey. The second is that of a collector and may or may not consist of a number of works by a number of artists who may or may not be related in any other way than through that particular collection and are more of a document of the taste and journey of the collector than they are of a particular artist.

Over the past six years we have been fortunate to receive a great number of donations from a wide range of donors covering all three kinds of donations. We continue to build and develop our collection and welcome the opportunity to talk with anyone who has work they might consider donating to the Penticton Art Gallery. Thanks to all those who have believed in the Penticton Art Gallery and have made significant donations to this organization, the gallery and the community are far richer for your generosity. For more information on our collection, or to inquire about making a donation please contact Director/Curator, Paul Crawford.