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Meadowlark Festival 2010: Landscapes and Habitats of the Okanagan | Angie Roth McIntosh & Murray Roed

The Penticton Art Gallery takes great pleasure in partnering with the Meadowlark Festival to provide this year’s featured artists with an exhibition.  These partnershipsreinforce the close links between art, culture and science and demonstrate how interconnections help to articulate the issues and challenges faced by each. By bringing together these elements the public is provided with a portal through which they can view, interpret and distill the fragile nature of our sensitive and unique ecosystem. Annually, the Meadowlark Festival selects an artist to bring awareness to the issues of habitat and species conservation and this year’s featured artist, Angie Roth McIntosh, further extended an invitation to Dr. Murray Roed to join her in this exhibition. The exhibition features a series of acrylic paintings documenting the Okanagan -Similkameen landscape and surrounding habitat with Angie’s work highlighting the human impact on our local environment while Murray’s work focuses on the geology of the region.

While we choose to live in one of the most favourable and beautiful regions of Canada, we must also be mindful that our choice of habitat impacts other creatures within our adopted environment. Through education, restoration and awareness,  we must each think of how we can best mitigate our presence.  Angie Roth McIntosh has a strong desire to connect people and communities using her art as a medium and she hopes the works in this exhibition will help to inspire individuals to become more observant and to do more to protect our fragile environment. Her work includes a series of painted landscapes done en plein air or from photos and document her journeys near and far. Most recently these explorations have primarily focused on the Okanagan-Skaha area and the glaciers of northern BC near Stewart. While enjoying the natural beauty of the region she is painting, Angie is always conscious of how her presence is affecting the opportunity of future generations to enjoy the same sense of wonderment and awe as she herself is experiencing.

Angie Roth McIntosh was born and raised in Kelowna and chose to return to the valley to raise her own family in Penticton. She studied in the Faculty of Medicine at UBC but left to pursue her interests in art after being encouraged to pick up a paint brush by the hospital art therapist while doing the rural doctors elective in the Penticton Hospital. With the support and encouragement of her husband Dr. Robert McIntosh and children, Kelsey and Kieran, Angie has been traveling and painting around the world for the past 25 years which has made her even more appreciative of the fragile beauty of the local region.  She is working to create connections between artists, local people and their precious environment through her work and her website,

Murray A. Roed was born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and grew up in Tisdale, Saskatchewan. He has been a geological and engineering consultant for 35 years and is one of the authors of a locally popular "best seller", a book entitled the "Geology of the Kelowna Area, and Origin of the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia", as well as a new book, "Okanagan Geology, British Columbia". Murray has been painting since he was twelve years old and has created a wonderful website at which highlights natural landmarks in the Okanagan Valley and some other parts of the world, summarizing how landforms were created and their historical significance.

 Murray has a PhD degree in Geology from the University of Alberta, and a Master of Arts degree from the University of Saskatchewan. He has lived and worked in the Okanagan Valley since 1981, and presently resides in Kelowna with his wife Debra. They have six children. For more information about his work, please