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Shamim Abounourinejad | A Total Absence of Light

In this latest body of work Shamim Abounourinejad continues his exploration of the non-objective seducing the viewer with his richly layered surface which he methodically builds up and peels away to both reveal and conceal the surface below. These paintings are far more about process than they are about a quantifiable subject and are open to the viewers own interpretation based upon their reaction and ultimate relationship to each work. They are reminiscent of an archaeological dig where time and history remain suspending between the layers of what has came before and what followed after. The artist as archaeologist reveals these elements creating a dialogue between the materials used and how they interact and relate with each other. In doing so Shamim creates works which are visually seductive, heavily textured and beyond and traditional definition - here the artwork speaks to us using its own language which is both experiential and individual. 

Shamim was born in Vancouver, BC and received his visual arts training from the Vancouver Film School and Langara College and is fast gaining recognition throughout the valley for his imaginative use of materials and his wonderfully atmospheric paintings. Shamim currently lives in Penticton painting in a rustic studio located in an old garage behind his house.