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Canadian Master Prints of the 1970's

The Penticton Art Gallery is proud to partner with the Canada Council Art Bank to develop and establish an exciting new outreach program based on a significant recent donation of over sixty prints. This collection of prints traces the development of Canadian art from sea to shining sea between the years 1968 and 1978 and illustrates the many traditional and experimental printmaking techniques being used by artists working in Canada at that time.

This body of work is a unique snapshot of an important period in the development of Canadian art and features works by some of Canada's leading artists including a number who have has exhibitions here at the gallery over the past few years. Some of the artists included in the collection are: Marcel Barbeau, Douglas Bentham, John Boyle, Joe Fafard, Bill Featherston, Vera Frenkel, General Idea. E.J. Howorth, Jacques Hurtubise, Michael Morris, Robert Murray, Toni Onley, David Rabinowitch, Gordon Smith, Joyce Wieland and Alan Wood. Over then next few months we will develop an educational package to accompany the prints detailing the lives of the artists and the printmaking techniques they employed.

Our goal is to provide young people and the broader public the opportunity to interact with contemporary Canadian art through an ongoing series of touring exhibits designed to be displayed in non traditional venues. This series of exhibitions is intended to circulate to communities and schools throughout the South Okanagan and beyond. To accompany each exhibition, the Penticton Art Gallery will work with local and regional printmakers to develop and deliver workshops illustrating the various printmaking techniques employed by artists today. In addition, a workbook will be created which will contain information on the artists, a guide to identifying printmaking techniques and information on how to get started making prints and when appropriate, a portable press and printmaking tools will accompany the exhibition so that others can try their hand at printmaking after the workshops have been completed. 

The Penticton Art Gallery would like to acknowledge the generosity of the Canada Council Art Bank and the Canada Council for their donation of this collection of work and the accompanying grant of $7,500 to create the educational and outreach programming. This donation recognises the 50th Anniversary of the Canada Council and the 35th Anniversary of the Art Bank and is intended to provide the Penticton Art Gallery the opportunity to engage and inspire students and the public alike by making available artwork which has traditionally been the realm of museums and galleries. I welcome suggestions on possible venues to display this collection and I am open to any and all ideas. If you have a place in mind of would like more information, please don't hesitate to contact me here at the gallery.