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The Feckless Collection

The Feckless Collection is considered by many scholars and art historians to be the most important and comprehensive private collection of British Columbia printmakers. The Feckless Collection traces the development and history of the province documenting its people, industry, built and natural landscape. What makes this collection so impressive is its depth and breadth, covering the well known and the obscure artists who have been inspired by this region. 

In planning this year's exhibition program I was looking for a way to round out the 2008 schedule while at the same times mark British Columbia's sesquicentennial. I wanted an exhibition which effectively and succinctly captured the spirit of our province and its people. The strength of the Feckless Collection is that it traces the social, industrial and cultural development of the province while paying homage to both the first people and the topography found between the Pacific Ocean and the continental divide.  The spirit and essence of this province has always been best captured by visual artists and our cultural identity had become synonymous with their depictions.

The landscape and its development have been well documented by resident and itinerant artists over the course of our modern history. Each artist brings their own perspective coloured by a history of experience and cultural identity. This not only informs the way they look at the subject but also how they choose to record it. These artists provide us with an invaluable and accurate illustration of the modern history of British Columbia both chronologically and thematically. Not only does the exhibit provide a lesson in the province's history, but it also show cases a who's who of British Columbia's visual art history. Some of the well known artists whose work is included in this exhibition are: Sybil Andrews, Alistair Bell, Andre Bieler, B.C. Binning, Paul Goransonm, Edwin Holgate, E.J. Hughes, Ernest Lumsden. W.G. (Jock) MacDonald, Walter John Phillips, Clifford Robinson, Margaret Shelton, Gordon Smith, Ina D.D. Uhthoff and William Perry Weston.

This is an exciting and rare opportunity to see many of these works in person and we are fortunate to be one of the first public galleries to host this collection. On behalf of the gallery I would like to thank the owners of this collection for their foresight and wisdom in putting together this invaluable archive. A debt of gratitude is also due to all the artists, curators, and dealers who have provided assistance, knowledge, advice and have helped track down and document these works over the past number of years. This is a collective effort and one which is just getting started and I look forward to seeing this collection develop well into the future. Finally it is my hope that this collection will one day find a home at a public institution for the permanent enjoyment and education of all.

This is an amazing educational resource and illustrates a wide variety of printmakring techniques. Please join curator Patricia Ainsley for a tour of the exhibition and an informed discussion on the history printmaking in Canada on Saturday, November 29th at 1 p.m. 

Later Event: November 7
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