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Topics & Tea | Jose Hernandez

Listen to a speaker, explore the current exhibitions
& enjoy a cup of tea and baked goods compliments of The Bench Artisan Food Market

WEDNESDAY MARCH 29, 2017 2-3 pm


Visual art can have a powerful and quantifiable positive influence on the healing outcome, not only in dealing with difficult emotional and psychological issues, but perhaps surprisingly also on physical recovery. Drawing on years of experience working with Inner Immersion, a proprietary art and colour based mindfulness practice, and clinical research into the effect of art in healing, Joe’s dramatic life story encourages us to look at colour in a new light. 

ose Hernandez was an electrical engineer for most of his life with no background or pedigree in art. After a near-death experience in January 2000 and a difficult physical recovery, his life path changed dramatically. In 2004 Joe began creating art as a meditative tool which he now employs in the mindfulness practice he developed with his wife. Over the past 14 years Joe has worked with over 800 clients using the Inner Immersion mindfulness modality. His art has been exhibited in galleries across the US and hangs in permanent installations at the Cleveland Clinic Hospital and other healing centres.