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arTTalks | Made in Rome lecture Series

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Tuesday, January 8 2019 | Futurism: the art and architecture of speed
Doors: 6:30pm
Lecture: 7:00pm - 8:30pm (includes intermission)

‘Made in Italy’ lecture series presented by MADD Studio is back for a second year with Dr. Antonella De Michelis.  Join us on the first Tuesday of each month (or there-abouts… see schedule*) for more stories, good food, great conversation, and history. 

Single lecture drop-in: $13 in advance/ $15 at the door
*Please note that this popular series often sells out


Tuesday, 4 September                       The Grand Tour. Venice, Florence, Rome

Join the Grand Tour tradition of the 18th century that included essential visits of Italy’s triumvirate cities of art and architecture: Venice, Florence, and Rome with an excursion to Pompeii.  A tradition still upheld by tourists today. 


Tuesday, 9 October*                    Multicultural Rome. Jews and ‘Foreign’ communities then and now

A 16th-century chronicler observed: “We cannot deny that we Romans form but a minority in this international rendezvous of the world.” Learn about these ‘foreign’ communities that surprisingly included Tuscans and Roman Jews. Since the time of Empire, Rome has been a cultural mosaic – this is still true today.


Tuesday, 6 November                        ‘Creating Italians’. Building a national identity

The unification of the peninsula in 1870 created Italy, but the task now was to create ‘Italians’.  The building of Rome as a modern capital city was key in defining what was ‘Italian’ and creating a national identity.


Tuesday, 4 December                         Eataly.  The Slow Food Movement

Eat + Italy = a brand inspired by the Slow Food Movement, established in 2007, that promotes Italian food and living the Italian way.  Their goal is “to introduce a new way of distributing high quality agricultural products, inspired by leitmotifs as such as sustainability, responsibility and sharing”.


Tuesday, 8 January*                     Futurism.  The art and architecture of speed

A movement in art, music, and literature began in Italy in 1909.  Its manifesto celebrated the “love of danger”, and the modern world of industry and technology: dynamism, energy, movement. 


Tuesday, 5 February                            Artemisia Gentileschi.  The female Caravaggio

The baroque painter Artemisia was the first woman to be admitted in the Accademy of Art and Design in the 17th century.  The passionate style and tragic themes found in her paintings are true examples of art imitating life.


Tuesday, 5 March                 Law in the Renaissance.  The Trials of Rome

The words and deeds of everyday people have been preserved in the transcriptions of papal investigations.  Learn about the woes of courtesan ‘Camilla the Skinny’ and young Octavia who runs away with her music teacher.


Tuesday, 9 April*                         ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’. Siena and the Val di Chiana

Nestled in the Val di Chiana, the medieval city of Siena is the jewel of Tuscany and a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Famous for its horse race, the Palio, Siena is a case study of urban sociology, architecture and design.


Tuesday, 7 May                                    La Conca D’Oro. The Island of Sicily

“To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily, is not to have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything.”

– Goethe.   

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