Grazie Mille for an incredible series!


The 2017/2018 arTTalks series ran on the first Tuesday of each month from October to May. This sold-out, highly anticipated event surpassed our expectations. Thank you to our enthusiastic attendees of these events. arTTalks will return better than ever in October 2018 for another series run.

If you have any feedback, suggestions or requests for what you would like to learn about in the next series, please contact Dr. Antonella De Michelis.

Hankering for more Rome? Want to experience the real thing? We're talking arTTalks on the road! Learn more about the Rome trip here.

What people are saying about arTTalks!


“Bravo to the Penticton Art Gallery and Dr. Antonella De Michelis for giving us the honour to experience this lecture series on Rome.  Dr. De Michelis’ talk was so eloquent and captivating that one feels they are walking with the people of Rome at this time.  I hope these lectures can continue after this series.”  Margaret N.

“A wonderful lecture/lecturer – never thought of the history of Rome through its architecture.  A great intellectual talk to challenge my university education-starved mind!  Thank you so much Antonella – I look forward to the rest of the series.”

“Fantastic idea! Great presentation. De Michelis’ knowledge and enthusiasm for Rome is incredible. Thank you!”

“Outstanding! High-energy speaker and so informative.  See you next month!”

“Loved it! Thanks!”

“Antonella makes history come alive.  Very enjoyable.  It’s a privilege to have her here to share her knowledge.”

“Dr. Antonella De Michelis is totally excellent and outstanding. She is fully in command of her material about Italy.  Her enthusiasm about Italy and Rome is contagious.  Her Lecture 2: 'All Roads Lead to Rome. Pilgrimages & Processions' was filled with expertise.  Dr. Antonella De Michelis’ knowledge is incredibly detailed.  She really knows the history of Rome by heart.  I give Dr. Antonella De Michelis my highest recommendation & look forward to learning more about Italy and Italian culture from her.”   Douglas B.

“Very informative. A great refresher of Roman history.”

“Great delivery! You make the subject matter really interesting (although I never thought it would be an area of interest to me). Thank you!”

“Very interesting. Well presented and amusing enough not to be too heavy! I liked the maps – helped a lot.”

“Lecture 2 was excellent and I am looking forward to all the rest.  Grazie mille, Antonella! Wonderful setting for art, history, cuisine on a snowy evening.”   Josephine P.

“This has been one of the most stimulating and interesting lecture series we’ve attended for a long time! The topic, the style, graphics and length are just right. Antonella is an exceptional speaker and presenter.”   Allison & Dave

“Lecture was superb! Well-planned, clearly outlined, and focused- a huge body of history resolved into 3 bite-sized landmark events.  The presentation was of highest standard: articulate, witty and very comfortable with her subject and her audience.  Antonella’s lectures add a whole new layer of culture to an already fine program of community involvement at PAG.  (More! More!)"

“Excellent. Exciting. Very professional.”

“Talk #3: Excellent lecture and fun evening. Very inspiring!”  Josephine P.

“I always wanted to take art history – this is perfect: engaging, thought provoking. Thanks!”  Robin R.

"Dr. Antonella De Michelis is totally brilliant. Her Lecture 3: Artisan to Artist. Michelangelo, Raphel and Leonardo was excellent and outstanding. To follow the writings of Leon Battista Alberti and Giorgio Vasari was completely illuminating on Dr. De Michelis’s part. She showed me the transition from medieval times to the Renaissance and fully brought the Renaissance alive.  I give Dr. Antonella De Michelis my very highest recommendation.”  Douglas  B.

“I am learning a lot and it is all very interesting and good to find out more about the social aspects of life and how art affects and influences us throughout the centuries.  Keep it coming and thanks!”

“Antonella De Michelis’ lively and informative lectuers are anticipated events.  Drawn from a depth of research and personal observation, she provides her audience with a holistic approach to highlights of Rome’s urban/cultural development.  My memories of Rome have been enhanced with new perspectives."

“. . . Antonella is a professional speaker, and has outstanding skills in communicating with her audience regarding a subject she loves.  Her enthusiasm, interesting stories, and related slides resulted in an exciting new lecture series for the Penticton Art Gallery.  We are really looking forward to hearing all of the series about the history of Rome, its art and architecture, and hope that this will be continued into the future.”