Ingrid Mann-Willis

Red - Blue - Yellow, 2003, Ingrid Mann-Willis, acrylic on canvas, 76 cm x 76 cm, 2003.04.01, gift of the artist

Ingrid Mann-Willis

Born: Indonesia 1939

Artist Ingrid Mann-Willis was born in 1939 in Indonesia. After the war she moved to Holland and in 1962 Ingrid immigrated to Canada where she lived in Edmonton and Athabasca Alberta. Ingrid moved to Penticton in 1990 where she was introduced to Art in Highschool and took numerous courses during that time. When Ingrid moved to Penticton she had a chance to go to art school and completed her BFA degree 1996 at the University of Victoria.

Ingrid has always been influenced by the colours of the french artists Bonnard and Monet and the moodiness in Edvard Munch paintings... She likes the simplicity of shapes of Milton Avery and Richard Diebenkorn both American artists and the stillness in the works of Edward Hopper and canadian artist Alex Colville.

In 1998 Ingrid had an exhibit in Two Rivers Galleryin Prince George, the Grand Forks Art Gallery and the Cambell River Art Gallery together with 2 other artists. In the following years an exhibit in the Penticton Art Gallery together with Margareta Bootsema as well as taking part in the local Umbrella Project and “Welcome Home” exhibit and in 2015 in a group drawing exhibit in the Summerland Art Gallery.

Ingrid was a committee member for the Penticton Art Auction for a few years and also taught several children's art courses in the Shatford Centre. Ingrid takes part in a Life Drawing Group at the Shatford Centre and goes on painting trips with the Plein Air group as well as taking part in workshops in Wells BC.

Ingrid is an active painter and has developed an expressionist style which she follows in landscape, figurative paintings as well as in her drawings. Her use of medium include acrylic, charcoal and water colour and mixed media. Her work can be found in the collection of UBC and Calgary Art Gallery as well in the Penticton Art Gallery and The Lloyd Gallery.

Source: The Lloyd Gallery