Ingrid Winkler

Ingrid Winkler

Born: Germany

Basic Alliance I, 1997, Ingrid Winkler, mixed media, 28" x 22", 1998.04.01, gift of the artist

"I grew up in a small town in Germany and from an early age, I have had a great love of drawing. After finishing public schooling I received my technical drawing education and had a successful career in the architectural field.

In 1978, I quit work to devote more time to my growing family. Exchanging the drawing-board for an easel I gave my creative nature more priority. At this time, I met my most inspiring teacher and mentor ALN Mondry who taught me to see the important things in my subjects, not to be overly concerned with detail and realism and to work freely with colour, form and material.

In 1993, my family and I immigrated to Canada and settled in Summerland where we now live and where I have my studio. Enjoying the fact that I am surrounded by spectacular nature, my work mainly focused on the Okanagan landscape.

The Winner, 1999, Ingrid Winkler, linocut print, 17.7 x 12.5 cm, 1999.02.07, The Spirit of Ironman Linocut Prints, edition 1/25, gift of the artist

The outlines and the colours as well as the contrasting barrenness and abundance of the Okanagan Valley are recurring characteristics which I like to rework in my paintings. Using different techniques and mixed media, I approach the landscape through a process of simplification which distills and intensifies its essence.

Since 1996 my work has been shown in several solo and group exhibitions in public and commercial art galleries."

Source: Ingrid Winkler