Frank Beebe

Blue Winged Teal, 1969, Frank Beebe, acrylic, 35 1/2 cm x 43 1/2 cm, 1995.01.02

Frank Lyman Beebe

Born: Lacombe, AB, May 25, 1914

Died: Port Alberni, British Columbia, November 15, 2008

Nationality: Canadian

An illustrator, writer, author, painter, draftsman  and sculptor; Frank Lyman Beebe was born in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada and died at his home in Port Alberni, British Columbia. He was one of the most prolific and published artists in Canada; however there are no major museums that collect his works, no major exhibitions of his paintings, and only a few art reference books that record his name. Beebe's life and art was in a special category all its own. His distinguished career includes in-depth work in zoology, marine biology, ornithology, botany and entomology; as well as biological warfare, the Big Foot myth, and the arcane sport of falconry.