Barbara (Zouzouline) Rodé

Barbara (Zouzouline) Rodé

Born: Russia, 1889

Died: 1969

Still Life, Barbara (Zouzouline) Rodé, oil on canvas, 1983.03.01

Mrs. Yamamoto, n.d., Barbara (Zouzouline) Rodé, oil on paper, 36"x28", 1992.02.01

Rodé, Barbara (Zouzouline) (1889-1969): Born in Russia in 1889, Barbara Rodé became interested in the arts early in life. She studied art in Odessa and graduated from the Imperial Academy of Fine Art prior to World War I. Forced to leave Russia due to the Revolution, she and her husband Leonide Zouzouline settled in Paris in 1924 after many years of unrest. Barbara's career as an artist flourished here, and she joined several groups such as Socièté des Artistes Independents and Groupement Syndical des Artisants d'Art. In addition to her painting, she became involved in illustration and studied the graphic arts. She is best known for her illustrations of the works of Marcel Proust, many of which were later published. She was praised by members of the French Academy, such as writer and critic Pierre Morand, who wrote an article on her in the literary publication “Le Bibliophile”. During the war, Barbara Rodé moved from Paris to Brussels to stay there with her daughter. In order to come in contact with Belgian painters, she joined the portrait class of Professor Bastien Lepage at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. Despite the war, Mrs Rodé kept painting, and took part in exhibitions in Brussels and Liège. She moved to Canada in 1956 to stay with her daughter Irene in Nelson, BC in the Kootenays. Many paintings were completed during this period in Canada. During that time, she exhibited in Trail, Nelson and once in Vancouver. Barbara Rodé passed away in Vernon, BC, in 1969.