Henry Hoenigan

Helen, 1965, Henry Hoenigan, watercolour on paper, 34.5 x 28 cm, 1982.03.01. Anonymous gift.

Henry Hoenigan

Born: Zarnowiec, Poland, 1917

Death: Toronto Ontario, 1989

Nationality: Polish

Henry Heonigan was born in Poland, 1917, and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Cracow, 1938. During WWII, he was interned in a Russian labour camp, but he continued to draw and paint whenever materials or opportunity permitted. He was allowed to leave Russia in 1943 to join the Free Polish Army in the Middle East. He continued to work in the Middle East after the war, and while still a soldier painted the portrait of Lt. Gen. Sikorski. He went to Paris, where strong European influences entered his work (1949). In 1950 he emigrated to Canada, and lived in Toronto.

Honegan was recognized for his figure work and portraiture, but the Canadian landscape has offered him a new challenge, and his own ideas have developed and subsequently commanded much attention for their impressionist moods.