Margo Kip

Girl (Zeljko's Daughter), 1966, Margo Kipoil on canvas, 40.5 cm x 50.5 cm, 1968.02.01, gift of the Estate of Margo Kip

Margaret Gillis Kip

Born: Antwerp, Belgium, 1906

Died: 1967

This work (Girl) was donated to the Art Club from the artist's estate in 1968.

Margaret Gillis Kip was born in 1906 in Antwerp, Belgium. She came to Penticton in 1947. She was an active member of the Penticton Art Club and Show Committee. She passed away the day after her husband's funeral in 1967 after fifty years of marriage. In 1968, an auction of her effects raised funds for the Art Club.